Day 2 - Prague Perambulations

Prague is a city that has many tourists and a language with few vowels. Every word seems to have an inappropriate number of z's, k's and y's, making pronunciation a major effort. Those Czech folk must get great scores in Scrabble.

Rick and Jas spent a relaxing day exploring the city in the warm sunshine...crossing the brilliant Charles Bridge (Karlov Most), czeching out (chortle chortle) the old town and finding lovely little cafes to eat and drink and rest their weary legs. Prague really is full of stunning architecture. The country was communist until 1989 and so hasn't endured much redevelopment in the last century or two, resulting in many fantastic old buildings unaffected by Western economy.

They found a market. Not a big one, but big enough for Jas to get excited and buy an array of gifts and knick knacks. Rick splashed out and bought a T-shirt and some bananas. All of these goodies were exhaustedly hauled uphill and upstairs to their room. After the days efforts, dinner was going to be as close possible. And so next door they went. The restaurant was gorgeous, and so was the traditionally-cooked food. Well, the meat was, anyway. Rick had rabbit (that tasted like chicken) and Jas had duck (that tasted like duck). Both meals were served with an inordinate amount of cabbage and spinach. They had trouble seeing each other across the table the vegetable piles were so high. But for dessert, the apple strudle...mmmm, just marvellous.

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