Day 1 - Stags and Hens

Their journey to Prague began with an Easyjet flight from Gatwick. It was the first plane they'd been on that didn't have allocated seating, and they've never seen so many people so keen to get on a plane. Everyone obviously wanted to get the best seats....whichever they may be. The plane was full of stags and hens ready to Party in Prague: one group of loud, kilt-endowed Scots, one group of girls in bright pink T-shirts, and another group of excitable chaps just in front who unfortunately had a boffing competition after a few relaxing beverages.

Anyway, Rick and Jas were a bit excitable upon arrival in Prague. Perhaps it was because of the poisoned air that they were inhaling towards the end of the flight, but they liked to think it was the balmy night air of the eastern European country that they were in. Their journey from the airport to the city was interesting, as they had to utilise every form of public transport available to them at the grand cost of 50p for the entire trip, about a 10th of the cost of a similar trip in London. A good monetary sign of things to come...

After the bus, metro and tram trips which carried them to the hill upon which the imposing Prague Castle stood, they started the upward hike to a very attractive cobble-stoned street and found their accommodation. Their lovely room on the top floor that had great views of the fine architecture in the area. They succumbed to the charm of the bar downstairs: the cheap Czech ale was the perfect tonic after a few hours of travelling.

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