Day 4 - Karlstejn Castle

Another day trip outside of Prague, though not as distant or commentary-filled. Karlsteyn Castle is advertised as a fairy tale castle nestled in quiet, forrested hills west of Prague. After the half hour train journey, Rick and Jas discovered that Karlstejn Castle is indeed a fairy tale castle nestled in quiet, forrested hills. It's imposing and memorable and quite simply a very attractive castle. The village of Karlstejn sits below the castle and is quite quaint, though it looks like it's in the beginnings of developing it's tourist facilities. The road up to the castle is filled with touristy knick-knacks being sold from shops that seem to be badly converted garages, by people who've probably watched their quiet street get busier over time but thought, "what the hell, let's sell some beer steins out front!". The views from Karlstejn Castle were great, and it's easy to see how the castle was never captured. It's nestled on a hill and it's massive walls would have been a challenge for any invader. The Karlstejn Castle cricket set was never nicked.

Back in Prague, dinner was a very satisfying experience. After tiredly trudging about the steep cobblestoned streets for a bit, enjoying the warm air and awesome views of the city at dusk, they found an atmosphere-laden Asian restaurant. The food was delicious.

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